School-wide news

Newsletter 7 (2016-2017)

Dear parents,

1st May

Please remember the 1st May is a government holiday.

Year 1 and Year 2 Class Assemblies

The Year 2 class assembly will be on the 19th May at 14:40.  Miss Swann and Miss Johns would like to invite all Year 2 parents in to watch their assembly based on some of the learning from this term.

The Year 1 class assembly will be on the 26th May at 14:40.  Miss Lee would like to invite all Year 1 parents in to watch their assembly based on some of the learning from this term.

Science Day

Last week, school 9 hosted a fabulous science day.  During the day, children took part in a range of experiments across the school and with different teachers.  The science fair in the afternoon gave each child a chance to demonstrate their individual projects.  Special thanks to Mr Burnham for organizing this event!

The winners were:


Maria Melikyan and Anna Zvereva

Andrey Denisov

Raif Mohammad Effendi


Wafiy Sahrulaszemi

Darwisy Zakwan Hamdi

Shin Rui Seah

Sponsored Maths Quiz

The school council has decided to raise money to help a local orphanage in Moscow.

To do this they are going to hold a sponsored maths quiz. The council members have put together a list of questions to answer. In order to take part, children need to ask mums, dads, aunties and uncles to sponsor them for every question that they get right. They could be sponsored for as little as one rouble per question.

To take part please complete the sponsor form previously sent out.

The quiz will take place on the first week after the half term break in May which gives you plenty of time to practise your maths skills and raise some money for charity!

School Photographs

On the 23rd and 24th May, children at school will have their end of year photographs taken. 

Assessment week

Week beginning the 29th May will be assessment week.

Important Dates                        Event                                                             Audience

1 May                                  Government holiday                                              Everyone

5 May                                  School closes at the end of the day for the May holiday

15 May                                School opens

19 May                                Year 2 Assembly                                                   Y2 Parents

23-24 May                           School Photographer                                            Children

26 May                                Year 1 Assembly                                                   Y1 Parents

w/b 29 May                          Assessment Week     

Best regards,

Mr. Kelly

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