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Discover Russia 2017, Moscow

In June, 18th 2017 The British International School took part in the exhibition called «Discover Russia 2017».

Mission of the event was to draw the attention of international community to some positive and favorable aspects and facts about Russia, to let all foreigners - guests of the event get acquainted with Russian culture, national traditions, interesting facts, life style, regional and ethnic diversity, useful services, goods and offers essential to feel more comfortable in Moscow and Russia.

The exhibition took place in Petroff Palace, outstanding and brilliant example of Russian architecture, located near the center of Moscow. It was built at the end of the 18th century by famous Russian designer and architect Matvey Kazakov upon the order of Catherine the Great the longest-ruling female leader and monarch of Russia. Petroff Palace used to be a residence for Russian nobles and important well known persons to have rest and leisure after long journey from Saint Petersburg to Moscow.

Since 19th century Petroff Palace became a place where all Russian Emperors stayed before their official ceremony of coronation and accession to the throne.