Admission to the school

Admission to the British International School is selective. We want to ensure that all our students have access to the highest standards in the field of education and that they learn not only from their teachers, but also from other students. Upon admission to the school, all applicants are assessed for age-appropriate skills in the English language and general levels of educational knowledge.

In order to enroll in one of our schools, you need to fill out an Application form on our website, or print it out and fill it in at home and then give it to us during your visit to the school.

To arrange a meeting with a member of our school staff, please contact our central admissions office directly.

For The First Time In Moscow?

If you are new to Moscow or plan to move here soon, we can help with advice on the campus most convenient to your new location.

Communication With Parents

We welcome parents to contact us and make an appointment to meet directly with leading school staff regarding the education of your children in Moscow.

School Tour

We're happy to answer all your questions and personally show you around the school facilities.