Some of my family and I have watched the DVDs of the 20th Anniversary Concert and we were so impressed. What a very standard it was and such discipline and organisation shown by the children. I particularly applaud the choir who were onstage all the time and sang so well. The programme ... More
Mother of Deividas Aidukas
School №3
Excellent school with high educational standards and teaching methods. Professional and highly respected teachers. I am more than happy and proud that my son is BIS of Moscow graduate.
The only need for improvement is the school facilities that need an upgrade.
Mrs. Snejana Eskelinen
School №3
Excellent level of the staff, teachers and direction of the School. Excellent level of the programs. We appreciated the good attitude on the part of the staff and all the teachers to the various needs of students and families.
Mrs. Teresa Pascente Guerrisi
School №7
Find please our great thank you for cooperation, ambience my daughter found in the school, teachers and all school staff way of working, patience and help.
Thank you for the achievements in education of my children. It was really significant time for them.
Radek and Kasia, Pola's parents
School №3
Xinyu has achieved a great progress in this semester. She loves the school very much! Please allow me to express my sincere thanks to you and all the teachers.
Hao Liu
School №9

We can see a lot of improvement on Darwisy. Now he wants to get alone with peaple around. In last December he started to speak English at home. We as parents feel very excited. Our thanks to all teachers who had guided Darwisy. And we hope, Darwisy can increase the level of confidence in himself.

Hoor Shafinaz Saad
School №9
Dear Mr. Kelly, I got Lale's Cambridge exam results this morning and once again I was very proud with my daughter. I would like to thank you. I has been a great year for Lale. It was a big challenge coming to live in a foreign country for the first time in our lives. However school ... More
Mrs. Esra Turhan (Lale's mom)
School №2
I am a happy parent of my daughter Michelle Sundara who is completing her 4th grade in your school number 4.In the beginning as any parent I was worried about the lack of homework and the empty school bag she carries .But my worries faded away when I realized that she is going with ... More
Mrs. Sundara Sandhya, Mother of Michelle Sundara
School №4
If you may already know, during this year Alexander Mitkovskiy submitted applications to private high schools in United States. With this email I kindly let you know that Alexander was accepted to 5 out of 6 schools in Los Angeles, California (i.e. he passed the tests, and was able ... More
Mrs. Tatiana Mitkovskaya and all Alexander’s family
School №7

We are very satisfied with Amin’s attainment and we’ll surely take into consideration all the teachers recommendations in order to get better results.

We’d like to ... More

Parents of Amin
School №2

Thanks to the teachers hard cultivation. Steven in school learning is very happy, progress is also very big. Thank you for the happy growth of school and teachers. 

Parents of Csi Xiang
School №2
As it happens, unfortunately, school years do not necessarily provoke the fondest memories. We were lucky in our schools, but by the time we became parents ourselves and were to choose a school for our daughter we had come across a lot of people who said they'd rather forget their ... More
Sergey and Irina Brilev
School №4
Thank you so much for all the kind words about Lucas - he really loves going to your school.
Sharlotte Braa Gron Felot
School №9
The teachers of ESL are very kind and have good ways of teaching. Gimmy is atracted by the topics and he loves learning and reading and doing exercise in class. They do a great job to improve Gimmy's English level. We are glad to see his progress. Thanks to the teachers.
Xinhuan Cai
School №9

We are pleased of she wants efforts and express our gratidute to the teachers for their hard work. We will help Shiwen to develop her English by asking questions about the book while she reads and encourage her to speak English whenever she has opportunity.

Zhang Shuai
School №9
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