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Learning about space, Year 5.

Year 5 (School 4) have been enjoying learning about space this term! So far, they have been creating their own class model of the solar system from papier mache in art lessons, beginning their own personal Fact-File and even writing and performing their own rap about space in Literacy lessons! Here's a sample of Anastasia's rap:

'Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun

With her father Neptune she has lots of fun,

Now this really is a magnificent place

And all of this happens in incredible outer space!

Most recently, as part of an outdoor Science lesson, Year 5 represented our solar system using chalk. In order to be successful, they had to:

- order the planets correctly

- draw them in proportion

- space each planet accurately to show (roughly) the distances between them.

Good job Year 5!

Birds-Eye View 1.jpg           Lev 1.jpg

Valery.jpg           Yiming1.jpg

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