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School №4

School №4

Address: 4A Inessi Armand Street, Moscow

Phone: +7 495 421 82 11

Fax: +7 495 422 29 11

E-mail: admissions@bismoscow.com


School 4 is a single form entry school located in the south west of the Moscow in Yasnevo district. Our spacious building sits in large grounds, providing wonderful opportunities for play, physical activity, stimulation and exploration. We educate children from Nursery (3+ years) to year 6 (11 years), from a variety of nationalities around the world. Well qualified and experienced staff deliver a curriculum broadly based upon the English National Curriculum with modifications to suit our location in Moscow.

At the School’s Disposal
• EAL (English as an Additional Language) department to support the initial language needs of children new to English
• Interactive smartboards in every classroom to enhance the delivery of the curriculum
• Creative arts department with specialist teaching rooms for art, music, Russian and dance
• A fully equipped computer suite
• Access to a fullsize gymnasium for sporting activities On our site you can get all the information you need. In addition, we suggest that you visit our School to feel the family atmosphere at first hand.
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Our engaging learning environment, small class sizes and dedicated teachers create a nurturing atmosphere for children to flourish both academically and socially.
We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires, motivates and challenges children in their learning. Our creative and integrated curriculum is underpinned by a structured approach to teaching the core subjects of English, mathematics and science with a commitment to very high standards.

We aim to provide memorable experiences that foster a real love of learning and personal development. In addition to an exciting range of special learning days and assemblies, children from each year group participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities and excursions that bring learning to life. From trips to school council initiatives, our children learn to contribute with confidence to our world.
Vincent Weightman
Vincent Weightman

What Makes Us Special?

Our school offers a warm and engaging family atmosphere that helps ensure your child will love coming here every day. Our caring and highly skilled teachers balance academic instruction and pastoral care, getting to know the needs and preferences of every child. Thanks to small class sizes, teachers can nourish holistic development and cater for the individual needs of every student so that they can learn at their own pace. Here, your child will find support, meaning, challenge and reward on their path to becoming a motivated and happy learner. 

Classes are taught exclusively in English, and children new to English receive extra support in smaller groups using specialist teachers. Our education combines high academic expectations with a broad, rich and creative curriculum. There is continuity and progression, challenge and pace. 

 Furthermore, underpinning our creative curriculum are the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics. These are taught in depth and have a central place in our curriculum delivery by using and applying them through interesting contexts. 


 A wide variety of extra-curricular activities are also offered. There is a comprehensive list of clubs and activities that children can attend after-school throughout the week, ranging from Chinese lessons to fencing, newspaper club to computer programming.


The building has excellent facilities. We have a welcoming and well-resourced library, fully equipped computer suite, cooking room and expressive arts area where children enjoy developing their skills. We have access to a full size gymnasium at School 3 and a dance studio onsite for specific sports activities. Modern resources are used to aid children’s learning with interactive whiteboards in every classroom and a range of other technology to support and extend learning inside and outside the class.

 If you are interested in visiting our outstanding school to find out more, please contact the school secretary to arrange a visit.

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