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In memory of Tatiana Konstantinovna Anufrieva, the founder of BIS


1994 is considered the year the British International School Moscow was established. Tatiana Konstantinovna Anufrieva was the founder and remained as its permanent leader for twenty-six years.
During this time, the school not only raised levels of provision of international school education in Russia, receiving prestigious accreditations from many international associations, but was also recognised and highly regarded by many of the world's leading higher educational institutions.

In tribute to the memory of Tatiana Konstantinovna, a documentary film has been created with the participation of her (Russian and British) colleagues, many of whom have worked with Tatiana over the past 10 – 25 years. It highlights her creative driving force, boundless energy, talents as a leader, generosity, personal qualities, and her passion and desire to create a diverse school, with the highest levels of education in Moscow, for children from different countries and cultural traditions.

During interviews of her colleagues a number of similar words and phrases were mentioned. The common threads highlighted her love for the children, her astute business sense, the care and attention she paid to every person and every detail of school life. She was all things to everyone.

Tatiana Konstantinovna remains a constant source of inspiration and an example of wisdom for all. She is always with us, in our hearts and in the legacy of her work.

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