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Museum of Cosmonautics

Museum of Cosmonautics

Planets, the solar system, and stars have always interested people, attracting them with their mystery and unexplored nature. Space exploration is an important part of our school curriculum, thereby in December, students of the IB programme School 3 went on an educational excursion to the museums of Space Exploration and Cosmonautics at VDNH.

The pupils were able to look at famous exhibits like a model of the Buran, the world's first space plane, and the descent vehicle of the Vostok spacecraft, on which cosmonaut Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin flew into space. The students looked inside the full-size model of the ISS space station and learned many fascinating facts about space and its discovery.

Learning about space, its structure, the solar system opens up new horizons for children and prepares them for a future career in this field.

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