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Summarising the 2021 year’s work and achievements


December 31 is already on our calendar, which means that soon 2021 will be over and that it's time to summarise the year’s work and achievements.

As always, our students demonstrated excellent results in the final exams. In particular, this year the graduates of the 13th year of School 3 showed their outstanding performance in the International Baccalaureate programme. Our average IB score in the school and average grades in subjects surpass similar world results year after year. The students Gunho Min and Alexander Shipilov were included in the 8% of the best IB students in the world.

Also in 2021, new clubs - from chess to mental arithmetic - were added to our extracurricular activities. The British International School pays a lot of attention not only to the organisation of the learning process but also to the organisation of activities, work of clubs that assist in the comprehensive development of students. Furthermore, students discovered new sports clubs; they got acquainted with traditional English kinds of sport: squash, golf, and cricket.

The programme of school trips, extracurricular activities, charity, and environmental events was also a part of the BIS achievements for 2021. For the next year, our school plans to develop a new social agenda, which will include activities aimed at developing volunteerism, fostering environmental culture, and holding charity events that everyone can join.

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