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Private school or state school: which is the better choice and what are the differences between them? | British International School

6 December 2021

In the modern world, the value and demand for high-quality education is growing every year, so more and more parents are starting to think about choosing a school for their child as early as possible. It is important to consider all advantages and disadvantages of their future school. After all, the school stage is one of the main milestones of the evolution of personality and development of each person, and therefore his success in the future. There is no need to rush with this significant decision.

Which type of school do parents trust more - state or private ones? That's the main issue. Of course, there is no simple, definitive answer since each option has its own strengths and weaknesses, which we will discuss in this article. 

What are the main differences between private and state schools?

Recently, parents have tended to opt for private education, the main benefit of which is the possibility of implementing an individual approach to teaching.  In the British International School, class sizes range from around 7-15 students, so teachers are able to pay enough attention and time to each student, while the state school is unable to provide such support due to significant overcrowded classes. 

Moreover, at the admission stage, future students need to pass a mandatory test along with an interview. According to the results of these entrance examinations, teachers and psychologists assess not only the level of personal development of each child but also determine the conditions for his future progress, the characteristics of physical and psychological growth, his interests and hobbies. For more information about the process of admission, please go to the official website of the BIS 

This detailed examination at the early stages of admission to the British International School allows parents to choose the right educational programmes, taking into account individual characteristics of the child, which in the future will help to reduce the level of stress that a child may face. By estimating the level of a child's preparation for school, parents would be able to see whether their child is ready to study at the BIS. 

If you are worried that your child needs a preschool course, then BIS offers several programmes of preschool education at the International and Russian branches of the school. As an example, applicants to the international programmes who are aged 3-4 years have an opportunity to study at the Foundation Stage, which enables the process of adaptation at the school. 

In private schools, much attention is paid to providing a comfortable atmosphere within the school walls. What is more, they provide children with a full and varied diet, and qualified doctors and security guards to create a safe environment for children of any age. 

Another important advantage is the organization of extracurricular activities, various school trips, including language trips abroad to foster speaking skills.

What similarities do private and state schools have? 

The main similarity is that both of them are educational institutions accredited by the state authority resulting in their having the right to state-issued educational certificates. Students also take the Unified State Exam and study according to federal standards at the Russian branch of the BIS. 

However, unlike a state institution, a private school can include international programmes to obtain international licenses. If parents would like to choose higher education abroad for their children in the near future, there is a huge advantage of the British International School -  A-Level or International Baccalaureate programme recognized by international standards of education. Their results are recognized not only in the UK but also in all countries of the world as entrance examinations to many higher educational institutions.

BIS has international recognition and is accredited by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). BIS is one of two schools in Moscow that have this accreditation. 

From this perspective, therefore, private education is the most modern and high-quality educational programme there is, matched with the needs of each student. While classes in state schools are often overcrowded and face a shortage of teachers, the educational achievements of students do not bring the desired results. If the child does not have time to take in the information during lessons, he often has difficulties comprehending the material of the class. In this situation, parents have no choice but to apply for additional lessons with tutors. 

Advantages and disadvantages of private schools

If you have not yet made a decision in this difficult and crucial choice, let's summarize the "pros" of private education:

  1. First of all, it provides a high-quality education and effective training programmes. The future of the child’s development depends on the correct choice of training programme. The British International School provides two options  - Russian and British programmes. The basis of the Russian program is the Federal State Educational Standard, the classes are taught by experienced Russian teachers while additional English classes are provided by native speakers. 

  1. Control over the quality of education in private schools is stricter as the school is accredited every 4 years. The British International School is accredited not only by the Department of Education of Moscow but also has an international accreditation issued by the Council of International Schools (CIS).

  1. A comfortable atmosphere in the classrooms: A small number of students with a supportive and attentive attitude to everyone - these are the main priorities of private schools in the organization of the educational process. With an individual approach, there are significant opportunities for developing the potential and strengths of an individual student.

  1. Modern facilities: The classes at the BIS are equipped with new equipment and comfortable furniture. The school also has gyms, a protected area, and medical support in order to make the child's stay at school safe. 

  1. Educational methods. The educational process is built in such a way that each child develops individually. At the international programme, instead of the usual tests, students develop and defend their own projects. Game materials are often used in the lessons so that children can perceive information and new material easily and not just memorize topics. 

  1. Qualified teachers. It is important that teachers are professionals in their field, always ready to help students. At the British International School, future teachers undergo a complex selection process. At the moment, all teachers of the international BIS programme are qualified specialists from the UK, other English-speaking countries and Russia with impressive work experience.

  1. Extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities help students broaden their mind, increase erudition, and deepen their knowledge. Learning through educational games, holidays activities, hobby clubs are one of the main things that await your child when entering the BIS. 

However, a non-state educational institution also has its drawbacks. A key issue during studying at a private school, of course, is the cost of tuition. Nevertheless, a number of schools, including BIS, offer various loyalty programs for early admission or for the payment for the education of two or more children of one family.

Moreover, at the admission stage, many parents may think that a private school imposes requirements that are too high and might worry that their child will not show the best results during examinations. However, individual testing is more an advantage than a disadvantage. The core task of the interview and the test is to introduce teachers to the future student and the possibility of adaptation of the training programme depending on the knowledge that the child possesses.

The choice of a private school should be made carefully, paying attention to its license and reputation, material and technical base, teaching staff and variety of educational programmes.

After all, graduating from a private school and receiving a high-quality education is always an opportunity to enter world-famous universities both in Russia and abroad. And the key advantage of the British International School is an individual approach and friendly atmosphere for each child. 

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