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A babysitter or a private nursery school: which is better? | British International School

24 December 2021

At preschool age, a child requires close attention and care, and when parents do not have enough free time to provide them, a babysitter or a private nursery school can come to the rescue.

Let's see if both options are equally good for a child

Arguments in favor of choosing a babysitter

We will start with some arguments in favor of choosing a babysitter:

First of all, a babysitter should be both an experienced specialist and a close friend for a baby. Being with the child all day long, the babysitter needs to establish a strong bond with them, which is important for the child’s comfortable development.

Young children are strongly attached to their parents, so often a new environment can bring a lot of stress. At the age of 2-4 years, children are not always ready to make contact with their peers, and in this case, a babysitter can be a great option. However, it is very important to gain a kid’s trust, so parents should responsibly approach the selection process of candidates for this position.

Moreover, many parents name that the main drawback of nursery schools is the fact that kids often get sick due to a weakened immunity system. In particular, children who are undertreated from various virus infections often can infect others in the kindergarten group, and as a result, a special virus environment is formed. 

Although children begin to get sick more often when they go to kindergarten, there is a solution to this problem - increasing a child’s immunity. Vitamins, a comfortable stress-free atmosphere are the main factors in maintaining strong health.

Advantages of private nursery schools

Nowadays, more parents are drifting toward a private nursery school, such as, for example, the British International School, which combines a comfortable and safe environment with high-quality teaching methods. There, nursery school programmes are available both at the Russian and International branches and are designed in accordance with modern curriculums and standards, such as small classes, that help to develop communication skills, as well as assist to the physical, personal and emotional development.

What other advantages of the BIS nursery school await kids?

Efficient schedule 

Speaking of health and good habits, it is important to follow a particular well-designed schedule. For kids, the daily routine must include sleep, food, and walks.

Indeed, it is easier to coordinate the schedule with the babysitter and adjust it to parents’ working hours. However, on the other hand, the child must learn to live according to the daily schedule. In a private nursery school, this routine is monitored quite strictly, as the school’s objective is to teach kids some discipline and responsibility.


Preschool age is the first stage in personality formation and the acquisition of important communication skills. With a babysitter, children are always supervised. Parents always know where the baby is, what they are doing. But, unfortunately, the babysitter will not teach them how to make friends and build relationships with others.

It is the duty of a nursery school to show a kid how to interact with peers through games, for example. While communicating, children can determine their place in society and observe that all people are different. There, for the first time, they develop important social skills and concepts, such as helping other people, paying attention to their needs. Therefore, socialisation in a nursery school is much more intense than under the guidance of a babysitter. 


When deciding on a babysitter and choosing the right person, parents often conduct interviews where they ask about qualifications or skill set. All this process takes their personal time and can be really unnerving. BIS Nursery School provides services by great specialists who always find a common language with each child.

Process of adaptation

The average time that is usually spent on the adaptation process to BIS nursery school is from two weeks to two months depending on a child. Every kid is supervised by professionals who also maintain constant contact with every parent. 

What to choose?

To conclude, despite the full care that a babysitter can provide, comprehensive child development is impossible without communication with peers. Only through socialisation can a child learn values ​​such as friendship, mutual assistance, and sympathy.

At first, most kids may experience difficulties in communicating, but without this, it will be more difficult for everyone to adapt to real adult life. 

However, comparing the expenditure on a babysitter service and a nursery school fee, it is noticeable that there is always no difference in monetary terms. But, for example, the BIS nursery provides more benefits as a child is able to establish a more profound social experience, new knowledge under the supervision of experienced teachers, and surrounded by his peers.

By clicking on this link, you can learn more about the BIS nursery school:

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