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BIS Ecological Initiatives


Around the world, education pays a lot of attention to ecology and environmental protection within the school curriculum and Science lessons. The IB programme also includes a school subject - CAS - Creativity, Action, Service, which encourages participation in volunteer and community activities. 

At the British International School, we are attentive to the standards of classical British education and believe that environmental education is an important contribution to the future. Now the BIS Community is engaged in social and environmental programmes and organises meetings and educational events for students, parents, and graduates.

On April 19, the students of School 3 gathered together for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic for a traditional Assembly dedicated to environmental issues and waste recycling. 

Elvira Zinatullina, an expert at UBIRATOR, conducted a lecture about the ways of waste recycling, the development of environmental initiatives in Russia, and the circular economy. The students were able to discuss the pros and cons of different waste management strategies, see and touch various useful items created at waste processing plants and learn more about what contribution everyone can make to protect the environment.

The “Dobraya Schkola” project is also dedicated to the benefits of eco-habits. Participation in it is a great opportunity to use the acquired environmental knowledge in practice. 

As part of the initiative, eco-friendly smart containers for separate garbage collection will be installed at the British International School 3. Now it will be not only easy and convenient to sort waste, but also interesting to do it. Containers allow each student to track their activity and the amount of sorted garbage personally by them and also help the School in the overall rating of participating schools. 

According to the results of the project, the total amount of garbage sent for recycling from the entire school as a whole and from each participant will be calculated. 

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