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How to obtain the Russian state certificate for students of the international p?


Nowadays, the dual-certificate programme, that allows students to obtain two documents of secondary education at once (an international certificate and a Russian state certificate), significantly expands the possibilities of achieving higher education both in Russia and abroad. 

New reality encourages all international schools including the British International School (BIS) to be more flexible and look for new opportunities. The Russian state certificate (on the basis of general education for the 9th-grade graduates and secondary general education for the 11th-grade graduates), alongside the preparation and taking the MSE (Main State Exam) and USE (Unified State Exam) by Russian students at the international branch, has become more relevant than ever. 

We understand that obtaining high-quality results during full-time studies at two programmes is challenging, thus we garner the support of our partners who are specialists in individual training for both extramural and distance education in accordance with the Russian Federal State Educational Standard (FSES). 

At the moment, it is possible to register for the mentioned courses at Secondary school “OUR PENATES". The cost of education and the schedule vary in different educational programmes. According to the provided information, students who have a Moscow residence permit and are willing to study near the place of their residence, have a discount thanks to a subsidy from the Moscow City Administration which covers approximately 95% of the tuition fee. 

The school offers great opportunities to attend classes according to an individual curriculum for extramural studies, transition to family or distance learning, as well as the opportunity to take an accelerated course (grades 8-9 and (or) 10-11 in one year). The methodologists of the Russian branch of the British International School recommend the registration for such courses for students enrolled in the National Curriculum of England from Year 5.

This approach will allow our students to receive a high-quality education in BIS and at the same time to take the MSE and USE, expanding their opportunities to continue studies both in Russian and foreign universities. 

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