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23 November Open House Day
On November 23, an open house day was held at the BIS in a limited format.
18 November Year 10 Theater Visit
Year 10 students of BISM 5 visited the Vakhtangov Theater.
17 November Corporate Squash Tournament
BIS will take part in a corporate squash tournament.
10 November A Charity Event to Help Animals
A charity event to help an animal shelter ended at School 5.
8 November IGCSE Certification at School 3
At the end of October, Year 12 students of School 3 received their coveted IGCSE certificates.
4 November Grade 6 students' International Day Project
International Day is one of the most significant holidays for BIS. Each time the students of the school present their own interesting ideas which are often related to the topics that they study in class.
3 November Golf Club at BIS
A golf court will be arranged at School 9 soon and students will be able to attend classes after school.
28 October BIS Hosted the Participants of an Educational Trip
School 7 hosted the participants of the ‘Moscow Innovative Schools’ educational trip.
28 October MOSCOW SQUASH OPEN 2021 Finished
The largest squash tournament in the history of Russia, MOSCOW SQUASH OPEN 2021, has finished, with the BISM as a partner.
25 October Innovative Schools of Moscow
'Innovative Schools of Moscow', a two-day educational programme starts today. Participants will visit the best modern schools of the city, including BISM!
21 October Year 10 Excursion to the Lev Tolstoy State Museum
Recently, our Year 10 students from School 5 enjoyed an excursion to the Lev Tolstoy State Museum.
20 October International Days
Last week our schools celebrated International Days.
18 October BIS a Partner of Largest Squash Tournament in Russia
From 16 to 24 October, Moscow will host SQUASH OPEN 2021, the largest squash tournament in the history of Russia.
15 October Newsletter. School 2.
School 2 news: parent teacher meetings, International Days, Halloween, outdoor clothing, holidays.
15 October Year 11 Saint Petersburg Trip
Our Year 11 history students visited St Petersburg for two nights on a trip to enrich their learning about the Russia and USSR 1894-1941 topic.
11 October IB Tula Trip
Last week our Year 12 and Year 13 students from School 3 enjoyed their educational trip to Tula.
6 October Congratulations on Teacher's Day by School 5
The British International School is proud of its united team of educators.
4 October Tour around School 3
Welcome to the British International School 3!
30 September BIS a Winner at MELAGRANA AWARDS
The British International School received an award in a special category - ‘Excellence in education since 1994’.
28 September Year 7 Palaeontological Museum Visit
Year 7 students of School 5 had an excursion to the Palaeontological Museum.
24 September Newsletter. School 2.
School 2 news: parent teacher meetings, photographer, International Days, half-term.
24 September Newsletter. School 9.
School 9 news: parent teacher meetings, photographer, International Days, half-term.
23 September Educational Collaborative for International Schools
BIS is a member of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS).
21 September COBIS Accreditation 2021
As usual the British International School has renewed its COBIS membership.
14 September Year 9 MISIS Visit
On Monday our Year 9 pupils’ at School 3 were blessed with the opportunity to visit the Kinetica Centre at MISIS National University of Science and Technology.
10 September Newsletter. School 2.
School 2 news: welcome, school uniform, clubs, mobile phones, photographer, parent teacher meetings, ClassDojo, birthdays at school.
10 September Newsletter. School 9.
School 9 news: welcome, school uniform, clubs, mobile phones, photographer, parent teacher meetings, ClassDojo, birthdays at school.
9 September ‘Eco Autumn’ at School 5
During First Term, the children, together with the teachers of the exact and natural sciences, participate in the ‘Eco Autumn’ events.
7 September Year 11 IGCSE Results
Following on from the Year 13's excellent set of results for the IB, the students in Year 11 gained excellent grades for their IGCSE exams.
6 September Why Parents Choose BIS
Interview with our students’ parents.
4 September Interview With Year 1 Pupils
Interview with Year 1 pupils on Knowledge Day.
3 September Opening Ceremony at School 3
BISM 3 has opened again-in mellow late summer weather with the mood across the School very much one of Looking Forward in these opening days.
1 September 1 September — The Day of Knowledge
The British International School is glad to open its doors to students again.
25 August Schools 2 and 9 Head Teacher About Education at BIS
We asked Daniel Kelly, the head teacher of Schools 2 and 9, to tell us about the education at the British International School.
21 August Head Teacher Stuart Purves About School 1
We interviewed the head teacher of School 1, Stuart Purves, and found out why he decided to become a teacher, what is special about the BIS and what is the best time to start education.
18 August Eco news from British International School
We've managed to collect more than 540 kg of waste paper for recycling!
3 August Why we decided to renew School 1 design
As we continue to celebrate the academic successes and personal growth and developments of our pupils, this year we have included new School 1 design.
26 July Successful 2021: Unified State Exam and contests
The exciting period of exam passing is over, the latest results have been published. We are glad to share with you our students’ success.
19 July IB results as confirmation of education quality at BISM
This year has seen another successful cohort of Year 13 International Baccalaureate graduates.
2 July School 7 Year 13 Graduation Ceremony
School 7 hosted the Year 13 graduation ceremony.
29 June Year 12 geography pupils went on a geography field trip. School 3
At the weekend our Year 12 pupils went on a geography field trip to study the Moscow River. Geography teacher Mr. Meadows told us about this trip.
25 June Year 11 Farewell Bell at School 5
This year, the British international school held six graduation ceremonies, one for each campus.
11 May Newsletter. School 2.
Photographer. Assessment week. Science Day.
29 March Newsletter. School 9.
End for Term 2. School Uniform. Internet Safety. Russian Government Holidays.
29 March Newsletter. School 2.
End for Term 2. School Uniform. Russian Government Holidays.
12 February Newsletter. School 9.
Book Week Monday 1 st March – Friday 5th March. Book Week – Extreme Reading!
12 February Newsletter. School 2.
Book Week Monday 1 st March – Friday 5th March. Book Week – Extreme Reading!
26 January Newsletter. School 3.

In November last year, Ghunho Min took part in the British Physics Olympiad, a prestigious and academically challenging competition.

20 November Newsletter. School 1.
School Uniform. Monet’s Water Garden. Stars of the Week.
13 November Newsletter. School 1.
News. School 1.
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