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17 May How to obtain the Russian state certificate for students of the international p?
Nowadays, the dual-certificate programme, that allows students to obtain two documents of secondary education at once (an international certificate and a Russian state certificate), significantly expands the possibilities of achieving higher education both in Russia and abroad.

12 May Summer School at BIS
British International School for 28 years has been creating a safe and comfortable multicultural environment in the classroom. The school is striving to provide its students with a full immersion in the English-speaking environment outside the classroom.

10 May Baikal Trip 2022
What could be better than starting your holidays with a trip?

5 May BIS offers a programming course
Does your child enjoy programming? Can they think creatively? Do they love video games and the IT sphere? Then we have an interesting offer for you.

3 May Head Boy and Head Girl application process is closed
At the British International School, we strive to educate not only well-rounded but also independent, responsible individuals who are ready to make their own decisions in any situation. Guided by this goal, BIS organises a school council.

29 April BIS Ecological Initiatives
Around the world, education pays a lot of attention to ecology and environmental protection within the school curriculum and Science lessons. The IB programme also includes a school subject - CAS - Creativity, Action, Service, which encourages participation in volunteer and community activities.

26 April Informational technologies in education
We talked with the deputy headteacher of School 5 Svetlana Anatolyevna Tyurikova and we would like to share with you how the BIS applies information technologies to the organisation of educational processes using the example of primary classes.

21 April Trial day for Year 6 students at School 3
We strive to create a comfortable and safe learning environment for every student at the British International School.

19 April Free clubs in schools 2 and 9 !
We remind you that now the BIS has more than 20 extracurricular clubs. The list and schedule of clubs are constantly updated. Today we would like to share useful information about free clubs at schools 2 and 9. Classes will be held from April 18 to July 5. All classes finish at 16:30.

18 April British International School and Intermark become partners
We are pleased to share with you the news that the British International School* has become a partner of Intermark**, a well-known professional relocation consulting company in Russia.

15 April Loyalty programme
The British International School has been providing a high-quality education in the best British traditions for 28 years. To make our programmes more accessible, the school is offering a range of promotions and special offers that are effective from May 31, 2021.

12 April BIS celebrates its anniversary
On April 12, we celebrate our 28th anniversary!

8 April The Russian branch of the British International School is open for enrollment to Year 1
Much attention in our teaching is paid not only to academic disciplines, but also to the creative development of the child, sports success and, of course, unifying extracurricular activities.

5 April Club enrollment for the new trimester is now open!
Extracurricular activities develop in children those competencies that remain neglected in the classroom, such as creativity, willpower, thinking outside of the box, flexibility, and coordination. Since early childhood, they help us to reveal our talents and strengths.

1 April Excursion to the Gorky Moscow Art Theater
Students of the British International School 3 went on an excursion to the Gorky Moscow Art Theater and watched the production of Yesenin's Woman.

29 March Excursion to the Serednikovo estate
On March 15, students of grades 5 and 10 of school 5 visited the ancient estate of Serednikovo, located in the Moscow region. The students were able to see what life looked like in Russia in the XVIII-XIX centuries and learn more about the life of the Hussars.

25 March Children's concert on March 8 at the BIS
After a long and cold winter, spring comes, the first symbol of which is International Women's Day, a day of care, warmth, and tenderness. We decided to share with you videos from the big concert for parents, which was prepared by our students of School 5.

22 March BIS Alumni Community
One of the most important membership groups ​​of the BIS family is our esteemed alumni. Upon graduating from school, they venture to universities around the globe and become specialists in various fields. But despite the distance that separates us, we are all united by the unique experience gained within the walls of BIS.

17 March St. Patrick's Day celebration at the BIS
St. Patrick's Day, a holiday named after the patron saint of Ireland, is celebrated annually on March 17 around the world. On this day, main celebrations take place on the streets of the, residents of Ireland traditionally dress up in green clothes and celebrate this day together with dances and songs.

15 March Celebration of Maslenitsa
This year, the BIS students said “goodbye” to winter, celebrating Maslenitsa, a holiday that took place on March 4, in a warm, homely atmosphere that brought everyone together. They were able to taste the most important delicacy of this holiday, pancakes, which have played an important role in culture for centuries: round and hot, they symbolized the sun. The end of the celebration was marked by the traditional burning of the effigy of Maslenitsa.
11 March UN World Wildlife Day
On March 3 the school celebrated World Wildlife Day: an international day designed to remind us all about the beauty and diversity of wildlife but also its vulnerability; to tell people about the problems of wild fauna and flora and the importance of protecting nature.
9 March Art Club at School 1
When we talk about the qualities necessary for successful self-fulfilment in society, each of us would probably name responsibility, purposefulness, and high intelligence, all of which often imply mathematical abilities and erudition.
3 March Lecture by Professor Lynn Body for BIS students
BIS offers an education that goes beyond the curriculum and classrooms. There are many advantages that await your child at our school, including guest lecturers, field trips, competitions, and extracurricular activities.
1 March Volleyball class at School 3
The British International School places a high priority both on academic achievement, and the physical and emotional development of students, providing a wide range of extracurricular clubs for children of all ages.
17 February Valentine's Day at BIS
Valentine's Day is the most romantic holiday in the whole world.
15 February Summer camp at Bede's School
A trip to England is always a unique opportunity for every child both to improve their English skills and to have a wonderful vacation.
10 February We are opening enrolment for the 2022/2023 academic year for children aged 3 to 16
Over the 28 years of operation, the British International School has provided first-class education in Moscow to more than 20,000 students from different countries, nationalities, and cultural traditions.
8 February Interview with the School 5 Headteacher
A warm, homely environment, small classrooms, and attentive teachers are just a few of the advantages of the Russian branch of School 5, which we discussed with its headteacher Vladimir Gennadievich Bragin.
31 January BIS Environmental Initiative
School plays an important role in every child’s development. From an early age, it should foster social qualities that are valued in modern society: independence, responsibility, tolerance, self-confidence, and, of course, respect for the environment.
31 January Science lessons at School 1
At preschool age, children become very inquisitive. Teachers must support this desire to learn and encourage their students to explore the world around them.
26 January Flying the British International School Flag Abroad
Travelling during the New Year holidays is always an unforgettable fairytale adventure.
26 January Year 12 Presentations
In the modern world, it's so easy to get lost in the flow of information that we encounter daily, thus the school has an important duty to teach each child to read, transform and utilise huge amounts of information in a short period of time.
26 January Extracurricular activities at School 3
The British International School provides a wide range of extracurricular activities for children of all ages, aimed at revealing the individual qualities of each child and developing their talents.
20 January Stars of the Week activity at School 1
All children are different. Each child has a personality with a unique skill set.
19 January IB programme mock exams
The preparations for a new semester are in full swing at School 3. This spring, Year 13’s will have to take an important step and pass the final exams for the IB Diploma Programme.
13 January Announcement of results of the Space poster competition at School 3
Who didn’t dream of space flights, didn’t imagine themselves the heroes of books and films about traveling to other planets?
31 December Summarising the 2021 year’s work and achievements
December 31 is already on our calendar, which means that soon 2021 will be over and that it's time to summarise the year’s work and achievements.
29 December Art Club at School 2
The arts are very important in developing a child's personality and his or her creative thinking, logic.
24 December Museum of Cosmonautics
Planets, the solar system, and stars have always interested people, attracting them with their mystery and unexplored nature.
22 December BIS at the Embassy of Kenya in Moscow
On December 10, the leading Primary Headteacher, Daniel Kelly, visited the Kenyan Embassy in Moscow and met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kenya, H. P. Benson G. O.
15 December Parents' feedback on the BIS work based on the first part of the academic year results.
The first part of the school year is coming to an end, which means that it's time to make conclusions and summarize the results.
8 December In memory of Tatiana Konstantinovna Anufrieva, the founder of BIS
There are the same words in every interview by her colleagues: love for children, business, care and attention to every person, every little thing and detail. She was in everything and with everyone.
23 November Open House Day
On November 23, an open house day was held at the BIS in a limited format.
18 November Year 10 Theater Visit
Year 10 students of BISM 5 visited the Vakhtangov Theater.
17 November Corporate Squash Tournament
BIS will take part in a corporate squash tournament.
10 November A Charity Event to Help Animals
A charity event to help an animal shelter ended at School 5.
8 November IGCSE Certification at School 3
At the end of October, Year 12 students of School 3 received their coveted IGCSE certificates.
4 November Grade 6 students' International Day Project
International Day is one of the most significant holidays for BIS. Each time the students of the school present their own interesting ideas which are often related to the topics that they study in class.
3 November Golf Club at BIS
A golf court will be arranged at School 9 soon and students will be able to attend classes after school.
28 October BIS Hosted the Participants of an Educational Trip
School 7 hosted the participants of the ‘Moscow Innovative Schools’ educational trip.
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