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Nursery, early years foundation stage and primary school

English National Curriculum
Key Stage 2 7–11 years 11
Key Stage 1 5–6 years 6
Foundation Stage 3–4 years 4

The British International School has been providing excellent education to its students for 28 years. We are annually accredited by the Council of British International Schools. These inspections are approved by the UK Department of Education and help inform parents about the quality of education within the school. We are measured against the same standards that apply to independent schools in England and Wales. Our primary schools have been graded as outstanding for every area meaning that the effectiveness of the educational provision is of an excellent standard.

Key Stage 1 and 2

The education in Key stage 1 and 2 (aged from 5 to 11 years) consists of 12 compulsory National Curriculum subjects. Among them: languages, sciences, humanities, mathematics, physical education, music, information and communications technology, and art.

Knowledge Assessments

At the end of each Key Stage 1 (7 years old) and Key Stage 2 (11 years old), the children take national ‘Standard Assessment Tests’ (SATs) in English and Mathematics to assess their understanding of the curriculum and level of achievement.

BIS Main Advantages

We have 3 primary schools. All of them are well-resourced with teaching and learning materials including excellent information technology provision, sports halls and libraries.

The class sizes are small and allow for the curriculum to be differentiated meeting the individual needs of our students. From the first days, children are completely immersed in an environment where the English language is around, so they can easily learn it in a natural way.

We recognise the importance of working very closely with parents as partners in their children's education. A close relationship between the school and the home and shared aims are of paramount importance to children’s learning. Regular open days, together with parent teacher consultations and detailed reports, ensure that parents are kept well-informed of their child’s progress.

English Language Support Course

The school is staffed by highly-qualified teachers from the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries, who are fully committed to providing a nurturing, caring and challenging learning environment throughout the school year. A team of specialist English teachers offer an appropriately structured programme in English as an Additional Language (EAL), which is tailored to meet the individual needs of the students who require English language support.

Admission Process

Admission to the British International School is selective. We want to ensure that all our students have access to the highest standards in the field of education, learning not only from their teachers, but also from other students. Upon admission to the school, all applicants are assessed for age-appropriate skills in the English language and general levels of educational knowledge.

To enrol in one of our schools, you need to fill out an application form on this page.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees depend on the class in which the student is going to be enrolled. Call us or leave a request to find out all the details.

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