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7 February 2022 What to do if a child does not want to study?
For most students, doing homework often brings no pleasure but becomes a real challenge. When the first difficulties arise at school, the child may completely change their mind and may even begin to dislike school. The main reasons are a lack of motivation and confidence. If it drags on for a long time, children may stop enjoying their lessons, not doing homework, and even start searching for an excuse not to go to school.

Some parents might wonder what to do if a child becomes indifferent and loses interest in the curriculum. How can they enhance their motivation? We will try to find an answer to the question in this article.

7 February 2022 How to make your child interested in learning English? Here are some top tips on how to motivate your child to learn English | British International School
Every parent has at least once wondered how to motivate their child to learn English. In this article, we will analyse and comment on the main mistakes that are made when learning the language and share recommendations on how you can help your child.

The process of learning any foreign language is complex and time-consuming, so to get the desired result, you need to have a clear and strong motivation. At preschool age, children do not yet realise the benefits of learning English, which is why it is the parents who should provide them with support.

Why is it necessary to know English?

In the modern world, the concepts of borders between countries are becoming increasingly blurred. The English Language has taken on the role of a common language in the process of communication, opening a wide range of new opportunities to study and obtain exciting future careers as there are thousands of universities offering study programmes in English.

If you want to choose English for your child’s development or you are planning to study abroad, then it is worth starting to learn English from an early age. Often even parents fail to provide enough motivation, therefore many children eventually decide to stop learning. Here it is important to identify these mistakes.

10 January 2022 How to choose a private school: What to pay attention to when choosing a non-public school | The British International School
Every parent strives to give their children the best of everything, and education is no exception. Therefore, parents often face the question of how to find a suitable school. The increasing number of private educational institutions has expanded the opportunities for children to learn and thus, the options from which to choose.

In this article we'll share the advantages of private schools and what you should pay attention to when choosing the right school, using the example of the British International School in Moscow.

24 December 2021 A babysitter or a private nursery school: which is better? | British International School
At preschool age, a child requires close attention and care, and when parents do not have enough free time to provide them, a babysitter or a private nursery school can come to the rescue.

Let's see if both options are equally good for a child

19 December 2021 How to Raise a Bilingual Child: Child Bilingualism Development| British International School
Raising a child in a bilingual family and multinational society is a rather complicated process that requires the development of skills and compliance with certain conditions that we will discuss in this article.
6 December 2021 Private school or state school: which is the better choice and what are the differences between them? | British International School
In the modern world, the value and demand for high-quality education is growing every year, so more and more parents are starting to think about choosing a school for their child as early as possible. It is important to consider all advantages and disadvantages of their future school. After all, the school stage is one of the main milestones of the evolution of personality and development of each person, and therefore his success in the future. There is no need to rush with this significant decision.  

Which type of school do parents trust more - state or private ones? That's the main issue. Of course, there is no simple, definitive answer since each option has its own strengths and weaknesses, which we will discuss in this article.

12 November 2021 International Education in Russia
Among the most popular full-cycle programmes are IB and the national educational programme for England.
29 October 2021 The Russian Educational System vs the British One
In this article let's find out the differences between the Russian educational system and the British one.
22 October 2021 What Is an International School
An international school is an institution that teaches children of different nationalities and cultures according to an international educational programme.
15 October 2021 How to Prepare for IB Diploma
If you wish to go to a top international university, the best option would be an IB Diploma. This article explains how to prepare for the IB DP and what to expect from the programme.
6 September 2021 When Is the Best Time to Start Learning English?
We are answering the question many progressive parents ask themselves.
26 August 2021 International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma)
IB or International Baccalaureate is an educational programme developed in 1968 with the support of UNESCO.
20 July 2021 All About the A-Level Programme
A-levels are part of a UK educational programme for high school students, serving as preparation for admission to foreign universities, primarily British.
28 June 2021 IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)
The IB Primary Years Programme is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12 and aims to educate young researchers, both academically and socially.
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